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Hulcrew Products


For your keys

All key chains are made using webbing and either ribbon or cloth, so they are strong and durable. Here again, if you don't see what you are looking for, chances are good we can make it, just send a message with your requirements, and we'll contact with pricing.


  • Lanyard; measures about 36 inches around and can be worn around the neck (or hang out of the pocket) and can hold an ID badge or keys. $10.00 plus tax and shipping.
  • Wristlet; measures about 12 inches around and can be slid over your hand and hang on your wrist so you can use your hands without fear of setting your keys down and losing them. $6.00 plus tax and shipping. 
  • Belt Loop Saver; measures about 3 1/2 inches with a D - ring to attach key ring. It is designed to be worn on a belt and hold keys just like if they were hanging from a belt loop (no more repairs needed!). $5.00 plus tax and shipping.

Key rings are also available using paracord, shotgun casings, and a variety of other materials

More pictures to come!