From the sewing room

Everything here is customizable, and if you don't see your favorite team, TV show, or special interest just send us a message. In addition, the quilts can also be made in the 'classic' way using a pattern and color of your choice (pictures of examples coming soon). Basically, any request will be considered, so send a message with details and to obtain pricing information.

  • Pillow Quilts (aka Quillow) are a 44" x 54" size lap quilt that folds into a 15" x 15" pillow when you aren't using it. Perfect for those chilly days watching a movie on TV or playing video games! Then, when you are done, you have the option to fold it up and out of the way!
  • Baby quilts can be made in any of the sizes listed below (also see the baby page for other items)

Swaddling blanket         45" x 45"

Receiving blanket          38" x 38"

Stroller blanket             30" x 36"

Security blanket.           17" x 17"

"Lovey".                         12" x 12"

  • Bedding can be made upon request. Please send a message with size needed (length, width, and depth of mattress). Typical quilt sizes are:    
  • Crib.                              36"x 30"
  • Twin                             70" x 90"
  • Full                               84" x 90"
  • Queen                           90" x 95"
  • King                             108" x 95"

 Pillow Quilts are 45" x 54 " when unfolded, and 15" x 15" when folded into the pocket, like a pillow. These can be made in a variety of fabrics, including most NFL, NHL, MLB,NBA, and college teams, Disney movies, Television programs, and much, much more.

See below for examples of some that have already been made. In some instances we may already have it made which will take less time. If you don't see what you are looking for, send a message because there are so many varieties of fabric that I am sure I can find it.

If I can't get fabric for the team or show you are interested in, I can still make something you'll love. For example, I once had an order for a Pillow Quilt for Notre Dame and couldn't find printed fabric, so I used the team colors and a patch to make it (the recipient of the gift loved it)! I can also make patchwork style quilts such as the Minecraft Creeper and Minions inspired ones below.

All standard Pillow Quilts are $40 plus tax and shipping.

*You must specify what team or other special interest you are buying.

Creeper pillow quilt
Minecraft Creeper Inspired folded
Duck Dynasty Brothers of the Beard with Camo
Walking Dead with Red back
Walking Dead folded
Duck Dynasty folded
House divided- One side Ohio State the other Michigan State Universities
House Divided folded- outside is half Ohio State and half Michigan State University
Orange and Yellow Hearts with black back
Chicago Blackhawks
Chicago Blackhawks folded
Chicago Blackhawks patchwork
Boston Bruins
Boston Bruins folded
Chicago Blackhawks patchwork folded
New York Rangers
New York Rangers folded
Buffalo Sabres
Jets patchwork
Jets Patchwork folded
Buffalo Bills
Buffalo Bills Patchwork
New York Giants Patchwork
New York Giants
New York Giants folded
New York Giants Patchwork folded
Syracuse University
Syracuse University folded
Green Bay Packers
New York Yankees
New York Yankees folded