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For your pet

All items are hand made, using webbing, ribbon or fabric, or paracord. As with everything else on our site, they can be made to order, so if you don't see your favorite team, TV show, or special interest send a message. We will get back to you with pricing.

Leashes are typically 6 feet long made with strong webbing and sewn to prevent unraveling or tearing under normal use. Other sizes can be made upon request.

Collars are adjustable and made using the same strong webbing and sewing techniques, and are available in the following:

Size:                           Approximate size neck:

Mini                                    10"

Extra small                        12"

Small                                  15"

Medium                              18"

Large                                   24"

Extra Large                         28"

Paracord collars and leashes can be made in the same sizes as above, and feature strong 550 paracord with webbing in the center for added strength. Please be sure to send neck size with your request, as these are made to order and aren't adjustable.

Harnesses can also be made; this is also a work in progress so pictures will be coming. They are made using the webbing and ribbon/cloth like above. If you have a request for one, please include measurements with your request.

Measurements needed are:

A. Measure around the back of your

dog’s neck to a point where you can feel

the breastbone. This is your “neck”


B. Measure from the breastbone point

you determined in “A” to a spot just

behind your dog’s front legs on his/her

chest. This is your “chest length”


C. Measure around your dog behind his/

her front legs at the widest part of the

chest. This is your “girth” measurement.

More pictures and examples will be posted soon!